Point Clouds

Beyond the POST offers 3D scanning of existing sites and online point cloud access. This technology allows you closely review your site from any angle.

3D scans and Point Clouds prevent the:

  • “🤔I remember something here but don’t have photos or notes about it”
    • Our equipment allows us to preview our scans on site to ensure we have captured everything needed
    • no more missing photos, no more missing information.
  • “🤔I can’t read my notes, what is this ____ measurement?”
    • The links we provide for the point clouds have tools to measurement distances, heights, and areas, plus determine angles and slopes.
    • Our scanner is accurate!
      • The scanner has an accuracy of 6mm at 10m or 1/4″ at 30′.
      • When all the scans are compiled into the point clouds the cloud variance is between 6 to 12mm or 1/4″ to 1/2″.
      • Try getting that accuracy with hand written field measurements!

Please allow the point cloud a few moments to load – This is a large file so best to be on fast Wi-Fi
– It is a bit sensitive so go slow –

On computer:
Left mouse click and drag to orbit
Right mouse click to pan
Roll wheel mouse to zoom in and out.

On mobile:
Use two fingers to pan and pinch to zoom
Use one finger to orbit.

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