At Beyond the POST, our primary mission is to carefully balance the human experience with the respect for the beauty of nature.

Any space, regardless of size, can drastically impact how we experience the environment. Furthermore, as sculptors of these landscapes, we have a tremendous responsibility to honor the life, history, and memories each space provides.

Hence, our passion and respect for our surrounding natural world is critical to every project we design for our clients.

Creativity and technical knowledge are important when designing great landscapes. Fitting all the needs and wants of the client, and following rules and by-laws imposed by the authorities, while respecting the environment and the site’s history and culture, creates an interesting and sometime difficult puzzle!

Let us work together to create a new your landscape

Respecting Nature, History, and Cultural

Detailed Beauty | Collaborative | Well-designed

Small Reflective Sanctuaries to Large Social Spaces

Principal – Kevin Post

Kevin’s love for the outdoors and social spaces began at a young age, which he pursued into landscape architecture, graduating from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) in 2004. In 2011, he became a licensed landscape architect with full membership in the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. Two years later, Kevin founded Beyond the POST to use his unique skills and passions to help clients achieve their landscaping dreams.

Landscapes designs are the puzzles I love to solve. Landscape architectural designs are both creative and technical, both an art form and a science

He is committed to working collaboratively with his clients, while respecting the environment and the beauty it provides to our lives. His passion for the outdoors, arts, and technical skills are utilized to create thoughtful spaces that bring people’s landscaping dreams to life.

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