Exploring Innovative Products at the Permacon Elevation 2024

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Permacon Elevation Woodbridge, where I was introduced to an array of exciting new products.

One of the standout discoveries was Biolift (https://biolift.co/), an exoskeleton developed by a startup company based in Quebec. Designed to alleviate the strain on your back, Biolift offers a unique solution for individuals who frequently engage in heavy lifting. As a landscape architect, I don’t personally require an exoskeleton. However, I was intrigued by the chance to try it on and experience the remarkable difference it made when lifting concrete blocks.

During the mini trade show at the event, I also had the pleasure of meeting Adam Gollan from Automated Digital Account Management Services (A.D.A.M.). (https://adaminai.com/) A.D.A.M. utilizes artificial intelligence to provide human-like first contact through text and email. Their system is designed to engage potential clients by asking questions and guiding them through a sales funnel, ultimately leading to three possible outcomes:

  • scheduling a meeting
  • arranging a future follow-up
  • determining that they are not a suitable fit

Learning about this innovative approach to client communication and increasing efficiency was fascinating and would greatly help a sole proprietor or small firm like mine.

Of course, Permacon (permacon.ca), the host of the event, also showcased their latest products. As a landscape architect, I am always looking for new materials and designs to incorporate into my projects, and I am excited about the prospect of utilizing some of Permacon’s offerings in my future landscape designs.

Attending Permacon Elevation Woodbridge was a valuable experience that allowed me to discover cutting-edge products and connect with industry professionals. I look forward to implementing these newfound insights into my work and continuing to explore innovative solutions in the field of landscape architecture.

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