Exciting Experience at Landscape Tradeshow

Recently, I attended the Landscape Ontario Congress and tradeshow, where I saw many new and intriguing products. It was an eventful day filled with many great conversations with product representatives. I also had the opportunity to learn many fascinating facts about the latest innovations in the landscaping industry.

One particular event highlight was stumbling upon an incredible art piece made entirely out of rubber play safety surfacing by www.safescapes.com. It was a testament to the creativity and versatility of the many materials used in landscaping.

Permacon Virage paver with grass
Permacon Virage paver with grass

Another noteworthy aspect of the Landscape Congress was the presence of many manufacturers and importers of interlock paving and porcelain patio tiles showcasing the latest products, from sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless options; the range of choices was awe-inspiring. Many companies offer large format wood textured porcelain tiles, which I may have to work into a design soon. 

In addition to interlock paving, the event featured a wide variety of natural stone products sourced from different parts of the world. It was fascinating to see each stone’s unique characteristics and beauty. As a landscape designer, I couldn’t help but envision how these exquisite materials could enhance my future projects.

Oakville stones
Oakville stones
HAHN Recycled Plastic decking and paving
HAHN Recycled Plastic decking and paving (image: Jeff Wand – HAHN)

It was amazing to see that more and more companies are concerned about the environment. HAHN‘s complete line of products is 100% made from recycled plastic and looks amazing!

Attending the Landscape Congress has truly sparked my creativity and excitement for upcoming landscape designs. The event provided a valuable opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and connect with industry professionals. I can’t wait to incorporate the innovative products I discovered into my future projects, creating stunning landscapes that will leave a lasting impression.

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